By Ambrose Obioma Okehi
(News Emperor)

Bomb has exploded on earlier hours of Tuesday at Eke Market on AFIKPO North of Ebonyi State.

A source said the incident happened after a suicide bomber was on Tuesday seen to have been blown to pieces while the vest he was wearing exploded on his body.

The incident, according to News Emperor findings, happened in Afikpo town of Afikpo North local Government Area of Ebonyi State. It was said that the incident happened around 12 noon today.

The source said: “He made an attempt at entering Amaizu/ Amangballa Primary School but was turned back by the school security since he couldn’t justify his reason for visiting. He immediately started running inside a nearby bush before a big bang was heard”.

One of the residents who witnessed the incident said there was a heavy explosion and people scampered for safety when the bomb exploded but later reconvened at the scene of the incident only to found a few minutes after only the suspected suicide bomber laying dead in the pull of his own blood.

A resident who does not want his name mentioned for Security reasons, noted that the incident happened close to the Eke Market Afikpo which happens to be the biggest market in the area, adding that there is tension and panic in the community following the blast.

News Emperor equally gathered that the upper part of the suspected suicide bomber’s body was mangled from the impact of the bomb which evidently showed.

Confirming the incident, the Commissioner for Internal Security, Stanley Okoro confirmed the incident while acknowledging the fact the such incident actually happened, said he was yet to get details of what happened.

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