Assemblies Of God, Toll Gate Section Celebrates Rev.…….

…Sends Him Off For Further Missionary Assignment

By Ambrose Okehi
(News Emperor)

It was a celebration galour at the Assemblies of God church, Till Gate Section and the entire membership of Assemlies of God churches within the section under Badagry District of the church gathered at Toll Gate section on Sunday, December 20,2020 to honour one man, a man they call the brother of Jesus, Rev. Michael Ndubueze as he is transfered out from the section to another section as a sectional leader and minister of God.

The Rev. Ndubueze who was on transfer to another Section of Assemblies of God was well celebrated by members of the churches under the section. Though, some of the members in his local church (Toll Hate) were regretting that he is leaving them, saying, it is now that they needed him more.

The Youths of the local church while they were appreciate their pastor noted pastor Ndubueze has been good to them as well as being a father to them and that with their gift, they prayed for him that the Almighty God will bless him in the new section where he is been transferred to, saying that He (God) will guide and direct him in his new assignment.

They prayed that the new place he is going to would have a more fetile ground for him to excel and achieve better things than he had achieved at Toll Gate Section.

After that, the youth department of the church, equally trooped out enmass to as well celebrate the man of God.

The Sunday School workers however, came out but spoke through their Coordinator, a reverened minister in charge of Aguogungbe branch of the AG, who on his own noted that Rev. Ndubueze is a Sunday School man, has taught many students and that they had worked together some years in the past.

That Rev. Ndubueze loves Sunday School and throws his weight the Sunday School. He acknowledged that Rev. Ndubueze had really served the Toll Gate Section well and the Sunday School department a lot and that they are happy to serve under him as his sectional leader.

He assured other workers in that department that they are sure that the transfer is for promotion and that is why they are and other congregants are not sad. That the work of the ministry is all about transfer from one place to another. That even if it is not for promotion today, it will be tomorrow.

The children of the section under Chidren Department of AG WERE not left out. They were also called upon to come appreciate the man of God and they really did.

For the local church he pastored, Toll Gate Section, the Reverend minister in charge of Magbon branch of the AG, Rev. (Dr.) China Ogbonna, who spoke on their behalf, described Rev. Ndubueze as a man of many parts.

“Rev. Ndubueze is a man of integrity and a man of many parts. And we thank God for that He has used him to do and accomplished in the section,” Rev. Dr. Chima said.

The Sectional Men Ministry as well as the Woman Ministries in their own different turns came out with their special tokens to appreciate a man who God has used to do a lot in their lives individually and collectively.

But while giving him a token as a cash gift, the Sectional Women Ministry department noted that their gift will be a sort of breakthrough for him.

However, the teenagers who came out in large numbers to say farewell to their pastor and prayed to God to lead him anywhere he is going. “We pray that God will lead you and bless you wherever you are going in Jesus name,” the teenagers prayed.

As a core missionary and a man who has given the devil a real battle his life and also as a man whom God has used to plant and developed many churches in AG, the mission department did not fail to addentify with him at such time of his celebration. They came out on their majority and gave good testimonies of Rev. Ndubueze’s good missionary works in AG.

The event ended in a glorious way as guests were well taken care of because they had enough to eat and drink.

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