… Says Nigeria is Yet To Convert Her Competitive Advantage Into Profitable Economic Gains Due To Constrains

By Ambrose Okehi
(News Emperor)

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council has ended a one day workshop and says there is need to establish a Domestic Export Warehouse (DEW) in the country.

The Executive Director/CEO of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Olusegun Awolowo who was represented at the event by Mr. William Ezeagu, Director Product Development of the Council stated this while speaking during a one day Sensitization workshop put in place by the Council in Lagos.

The NEPC boss also said that the council is in the forefront of implementing Federal Government econimic diversification programme which would enhance development of a bold econimic renaissance strategy.

A diversification drive meant to bring about zero-Oil plan, aimed at diversifying Nigeria’s economy.

Mr. Awolowo noted that one of the key components to drive the initiative is the One-State-One-Product (OSOP) programme. Insisting that OSOP initiative emphssizes massive production and steady supply base for exportable agricultural products.

Speaking at the one day workshop, the NEPC boss said “undoubtedly, Nigeria as a nation has enormous coarative advantage in production of many agricultural primary produce, however, the country is unable to convert this co.petitive advantage in global market place as a result of supply change consutray.”

The workshop which has a theme: “Domestic Export Warehouse: Reducing Domestic Constrains for Compitiiveness” was an avenue for the NEPC boss to relates to the stakeholders the many challengses of facing Export Promotion Council business in the country.

“The supply chain (storage, logistics, etc.), which is very important in ensuring ability to resolve these challenges Wii go a long way in addressing supply chain gaps in export value chain, and substantially lead to increased growth in non-oil export volume/value by bettween 25% to 30% as projected by the International Trade Centre (ITC),” Awolowo said.

The Council according to the Mr. Ezeagu is looking at a situation where there will be no disturbance in the vehicles conveying export Products in and around the country. Saying if there will be a problem (logistics problem), within the time that truck is conveying the export that it will amount to a big challenge and may hamper the entire process and the truck may not be at its destination at expected time.

On what the DEW connotes, the Council said DEW is a one-stop facility/terminal, for storage of export Products, packaging and labelling, pre-shipment inspection and fumigation of export designated goods in preparation to the ports.

On what Nigerian exporters will gain from the whole arrangement, the Director Product Development of the Council (Ezeagu) noted that it will be a one-stop-shop function to reduce the challenges exporters face in moving their goods and cargoes from hinterland to the ports.

He said the approach will reduce and eliminate the challenges exporters face in going through shipping processes.

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