…Says Such is the Booster That the Team Needed To Move On

By Ambrose Okehi
(News Emperor)

The National Coordinator and members of the 100% Compliance Team of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders, NAGAFF have been advised to be focus and committed in their job of ensuring compliance to trade rules so as not to be distracted by anybody in anyway in the course of discharging their responsibilities as members of the Compliance team.

They were however, counselled to rather see criticism and oppositions as things that would spur them into better actions so that their mandate can be achieved rather than discourage them.

This advice was given to the team by the founder of the heat Freight forwarding association, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam on Friday at the NAGAFF Village Apapa G.R.A, Apapa, Lagos.

Dr. Aniebonam Ozo Ebubechukwu, who stated this during the Thanksgiving Ceremony organized by the members of the team to mark the end of a successful working year despite the opposition’s and challenges that came on the ways of the team since it’s formation.

According to the founder, “the President, General Muhamadu Buhari can be at the port talking to us because he has delegated his powers under section 5 of the Nigerian constitution. From the vice president down, he has delegated his powers. So what are we talking about? There is already a petition against Alhaji Tanko. That petition against Alhaji Tanko shows that the compliance team of NAGAFF is working. And so, that is the tonic that Tanko required. That is the tonic you needed. That is the tonic all of you needed to push forward. And that is why they say when you fight Corruption, corruption will fight you back. And they say these things are they are practicing them as they say them,” the founder and pointed out.

On how the Compliance Team would work in 2021, next year, Dr. Aniebonam said: “By 2021, Tanko and your team, the compliance team, should be properly managed, haven been properly managed and properly educated, trainned and enlightened, your first assignment will be to get yourselves educated and trained because it’s very important.

“And when you get to the terminals, try to hold meetings with the managements of those government agencies for rules of engagement to be established, the need to do things properly. For instance, customs physical examination. Proper customs physical examination. Containers must be properly examined. If any container is not properly examined, the compliance team, don’t make any trouble, don’t make noise. Just pick the information, don’t make noise. Just send it to your Command Centre. And they will send it to the appropriate quarter, that’s all.
By doing so, you have done your job.

“The founder of NAGAFF Assured the team to be committed and steadfast and within a short while things will automatically change for good.

” Do you know that by the time you do that for one month, I think the strike force will automatically cease to exist. But if we will not, they will be there and we will be complaining. I think we are the ones causing the problem. The key thing I have said here is this, don’t take laws into your hands.See something and say (do) something,” he declared.

Talking about the gains and inherent benefit of the team’s job, doctor said: “Do you know the importance, dividend of this, the gain? Our clients will no longer loose their investments”.

“Did you hear what I said? Proper customs examination and man the examination bay, whatever that is found in the container, if they’re traded goods would be resolved there and the approach duty be paid right there. And other regulations either Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) in terms of quality assurance or NAFDAC would be resolved”.

He said when this done, their principal will have their goods.

“Our clients will have their goods delivered to their warehouses. If we don’t do that, those goods would be Intercepted and seized. And when these people (our clients, importers) loose their investments, we would loose our business. So we just have to know what we are doing now.”

Dr. emphasised that NAGAFF is a professional association and that it is not into union thing.

“We are a professional body under the control and regulations of the Council for the Regulation of Freight forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN)”.

On the challenges the council is facing presently, the founder said. “We have worked hard to get the council. Don’t mind the problems the council is going through now. By the Special grace of God we will get over it and our profession will come to what it supposed to be, ” he assured the gathering.

Earlier on at the event the Convener and the National Coordinator of the 100% Compliance Team, Alhaji Tanko Ibrahim had informed the gathering at the NAGAFF village, Apapa, that the reason for the gathering and ceremony was to thank the Almighty Allah for His guidance and protection. Saying that God saw them through and saved the lives of the members of the team within the period they have worked not minding the various challenges and obstacles that the team met in the process of didcharging it’s duties.

While giving his sermon at the event, the Secretary of the team, Evangelist Omemma pointed out that without the grace of the Almighty Jehovah the team wouldn’t have achieved all that it achieved.

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