The 2020 thanksgiving Service of Mission For Soul Church (MFSC) Morogbo branch which took place on Sunday December 6, 2020 will ever remain memorable and one of the best life transforming thanksgivings ever held by the local church in the recent time.

That was the day the entire members of the congregation (Zone B) of the MFSC, compromising Morogbo, Oko Afo, and Magbon branch came together for their annual thanksgiving Service.

But this year’s thanksgiving is peculiar and Special for the members of the church considering how the Almighty God saved and protected us from all the troubles and wahalas of this year. The Covid – 19 pandemic which took a lot of lives and ravaged the world economy as well as the #EndSARS protest, which on its own claimed many souls.

Also this year’s harvest is unique and one-in-town in the sense that it offered the worshipers the great opportunity to serve, thanks, and give unto God beyond the way they have been giving to Him.

Speaking on a sermon he tittled: “SACRIFICE OF PRAISE” the preacher, Pastor Ali reminded the congregants that God may not be moved when we give ordinarily offering but He is moved when we give sacrificially.

Taking his text from the book of Joshua chapter six from verse one to eleven, the preacher noted that the sacrifice of praise offered by King Joshua and the people of Israelites praised God in an unusual way and manner that moved the Almighty God to deal with their enemies decisively.

Pastor Ali pointed out that everybody wants to give to God when they have enough and when things are rosy but many find it difficult to give to God at the time of lack and difficult, saying, it is better to give to God at such difficult times and sacrificially.

The preacher said such sacrifice of praise offered to God by the people of Israelites at looked stupid and makes no sense at all to people around. Saying God used foolish things of this world to shame the wise.

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