…Trump Is Happy Over Latest Neveda Court Hearing Revelations

By Ambrose Okehi
(News Emperor)

It is yet to be over u till it is over for Americans as regards their last general elections as new Revelations are still emerging Iin favour of Dolnard Trump.

Recall that Americans went to poll in October, last month to elect the 46th president of the world most powerful nation but while the Democratic Party candidate, Joe Bidan was decades the winner of the election, Dolnard Trump of the Republican Party and the incubent President of America said he is not okay with the outcome of alleging fraudulent and malpracticed in the elections.

The presidential election most people say is arguably the most controversial or all time.
This is because the incumbent president Republican party lost with a large margin to opposition party that featured Joe Biden as her candidate. Since Biden’s emergence as President, the US President, Trump has been doing all he can to ensure he gets his “stolen” mandate back.

Trump had also alleged that there were a lot of irregularities while voting were ongoing. And for this reason he has vowed to challenge the result of the election in court. And he has keep to his words, as he has since then working hard with his team of lawyers to unravel evidences of to back up such claims. Things has not been easy for the his team who has have series of appeal rejected.

But while, there seems be going on there seems to a renewed hope for Trump at last if this latest developments in is anything to go by.
The Nevada hearing in court has revealed a host of election irregularities ranging from the obstruction of witnesses by US Postal Service, Ballot Cast by dead people, improperly calibrated signature verification machines and election inspections where less than one-third of the GOP’s.

The witnesses revealed the following!

The president had maintained his stand by not conceding defeat to President-Elect, Joe Biden and with this latest development, he just might start feeling positive over the process.

Reacting to the news through his Twitter account, Trump shared the lost with this little caption.

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