By Ambrose Okehi (News Emperor)

The clampdown on promotérs #EndDARS by Federal Government has been Described as another way of returning the country to days of backwardness and retogrssion.

This was the view of the Serving Overseaer, Citadel Global Community Church, formerly known as Later Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare who is also the Convener of Save Nigeria Group (SNG) categorically said that freezing of accounts of the protest promotérs of the protest, regulating the social media usage as well as using court probe to intimidate the youths and the promotérs of the just-ended Nationwide protest by Nigerian Youths.

According to Bakare, clamping down on the Nigerian Youths in the name of protest was contrary to the earlier promises they made the Federal Government to fulfill the demand of the youths who through their protest demanded that the government should scrap the Special Anti-Robery Squad (SARS), setting up a #75 billion Youth Investment Find and appointment of some of the protesting youths into the pannel of inquiry that will address the police brutality and other resulting cases.

The cleric while giving sermon in his church on Sunday in Lagos under what he called State of the Nation noted that “The Youths of a Nation are the Trustees of Prosterity”.

“Truth be told, this season of our national life requires deep humility, soberity and deliberate thinking through, both the government and the governed, in order to ensure that our plans and actions are weighed before they are implemented to avert the repccurance of our recent crisis. In the light of the foregoing taken by the government on the heels of the #EndSARS protests may need to be reversed sooner rather than later in our collective best interest so that they do not trigger further protests.

“Among such policy actions is freezing of the accounts of young Nigerians who reportedly sponsored the protests. While I admit that, under our extant laws, bank may freez an account upon an ex parte order granted to a law enforcement agency by a court of competent jurisdiction for the purpose of investigation, these provisions of our law should not be used to I timidate Nigerian Youths simply because they engage in and promoted protest against the inactions of government. I. Addition, targeting and arresting citizens on trumped-up charges, deploying court pro es as a tool of intimidation and generally eroding our fragile peace, are deeply worrisome sign of regression.”

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