…Says NAGAFF Is Seen as Partners In Progress

By Ambrose Okehi (NEWS Emperor)

The Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarder, NAGAFF has said that it will always work and partner with the Nigeria Customs Service as one of it’s allies and partners in Progress.
And that there is no way it’s members can lay accusing fingers on a serving officer of the service.

It said the online report that fingered the Compliance Team of the association as accusing a serving Deputy Comptroller, DC is far from the truth.
According to a statement from the National Headquarters of NAGAFF, it noted thus:
“However, it has become necessary for the High Command of the NAGAFF to respond controversies generated by an online report with the tittle “Majority of the Agencies, Operators, Serving at Western Command of NCS, Seaports and Terminals Aplaud 100% Compliance Team Initiative of NAGAFF,
Says it Makes Their Jobs Easier
… Freight Forwarders Accuse Customs of Corruption” which was a review of the activities of our 100% Compliance Team during the weeklong tour. The report gave an indication of face-off involving our members and Customs in one or two terminals during the tour. The intention of this refutal is to correct certain misconceptions that could be read into the report under reference. From the briefing we received from the leadership of the Compliance Team, which was at the centre of the “controversies”, the visit was largely successful without any serious issues pitting our members against the Nigeria Customs Service or any of it’s officers. As a matter of fact, our findings reveal that no members of NAGAFF

Ever raised any allegation of arrogance or Corruption against any officer of the Nigeria Customs Service, as portrayed in the report. And furthermore, no member of our association was directly accused of any unruly behaviour. NAGAFF as an association has always seen the NCS as an ally and will do everything within the law to ensure that the Service, just like other Government Agencies succeed for the benefit of our great country.”

Specifying the refutal, NAGAFF in a statement said that the report credited to the association that it accused DC Abang of AML Bonded Terminal of arrogance and Corruption is not true.

“For emphasis sake, the reference to claim in the report that our members accused DC Abang of AML Bonded Terminal of being arrogance and corrupt is very far from the truth. DC Abang is well-known to NAGAFF family, and right from his days at Ijora Command of the NCS, through his present posting as Staff Officer at Apapa Terminal, to his meritorious Service at the Fast Track Section untill his present assignment as the Head of a Bonded Terminal has shown conpetence, professionalism and deligence to work,” the statement further reads.

Assuring that DC Abang is a man of integrity and of a high reputation, NAGAFF Founder himself added that DC Abang is a gentleman and a refined Customs Officer who competence and integrity is not questionable at anytime.
“We have always seen him (DC Abang) as being above board,” Aniebonam said.

Dr. Aniebonam who on e served as a trained Customs Officer and well background in Customs rudiments and procedures, noting that before one accesses them as security officers Manning security zones, that there are certain procedures that must be observed before o e could go into any of them. “So far certain steps are taken to ensure that normal procedures are observed in gaining access into any Customs premises, that cannot be said the o have constituted any serious issue involving Customs and members of NAGAFF Compliance Team. And if the spirit of the new game is COMPLIANCE with rules and guidelines, why should some people create a scene out of efforts to ensure COMPLIANCE at any Customs office or the ports?”

While harmering on the issue of allegation of arrogance and Corruption against DC Abang, Dr. Aniebonam reemphasized: “We wish to repeat unequivocally that no NAGAFF member was involved in raising allegation s of arrogance and Corruption against any Customs Officer during the tour to Bonded Terminals by our 100% Compliance Team, while no NAGAFF member was ever accused of any unruly behaviour,” NAGAFF Founder repeatedly said.

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