By  Ambrose Okehi

It was indeed an honour well deserved for the Vice Chairman of the Airport Chapter of the Association of Licensed Customs Agent (ANLCA), Comrade Patrick Udeagha as he was on Monday, October 5,2020 bestowed with the prestigious award of Excellence and Productivity.

According to the Management of the Times Reporters Newspaper, the organizers of the award ceremony, Times Reporters Newspapers award as was given to Udeagha, was in recognition of his numerous contributions, excellence performances and productivity as well as his contributions to the growth and development of the freight forwarding subsector in particular and the maritime industry of the Nigerian economy in general.

President of ANCLA, Tony Iju Nwabuike

Speaking during the while presenting the award at the award presentation ceremony held at the Udeagha’s office in Ikeja, Lagos, the Managing Editor of the Times Reporters Newspaper, Madam Ruth Sunday-Umunna took time to highlight the quality and personality Comrade Udeagha was made of. She said he (Udeagha) is a trusted and tested leader of high repute, and has performed excellently well.

She said the award and honour is a well deserved one and that Times Reporters Award is unique special and cannot be compared to every other award that people are giving.

“We are not like every other organization who are into this kind of award giving, ours is unique and special and cannot be given to anybody any how except those and have been seen to have performed and distinguished in their various chosen careers in life. It was given because of after a thorough and painstaking screening of the Award Committee and after Udeagha was discovered by through his excellent performances within Airport chapter of the ANLCA.

“Yes, we discovered Udeagha when the planning Committee beamed it searchlight within the Airport chapter area of the freight forwarding community and their activities and within the command,” the Managing Editor said.

Mrs. Sunday Umunna also said that Udeagha is an astute leader and a  successful businessman who does not only do well in business but is a manager of men and resources who is already making waves at the airport command of the freight forwarding subsector.

He said: “So, it was based on the above credentials of Udeagha that his name was mentioned and he scaled through the screening of the award committee and nobody raised eyebrows over his qualification. And today, we are honouring him with Times Reporters Excellence and Productivity Award. He deserves it and it is also a welcomed one,” Umunna noted.

Some of the committee member who were present at the presentation ceremony used the opportunity to encourage to continue in his good works and never relent in doing what is good to humanity and particularly the freight forwarding community.

Many of his friends and business associates who witnessed the ceremony also eulogized the personality of Udeagha saying that he is a man of integrity and honesty.

One of them Mr. Ikechukwu Ekwueme who said he is a personal friend to Udeagha simply said that Comrade Udeagha is a jolly fellow and a wonderful man who likes to accommodate people no matter how low the person may be.

Mr. Ekwueme used the opportunity offered by the ceremony to commend the media for their good works particularly the job of a thorough society’s watchdog. Asking them to also beam their searchlight on others because their more and more Udeaghas out there who deserved some pat at their back for job well done, particularly those that have distinguished themselves in their areas of human endevours like Udeagha.

While making speech after the honour, Udeagha that he did not know that while doing their little thing he was doing that people are watching and monitoring what he was doing.

“Oh! What else can I say? In fact, I don’t know that some people are watching and monitoring me. In fact, I am grateful and highly elated. I want to thank the management of Time Reporters Newspapers for honouring me. I thank you for discovering me from my hidden place. For the award ceremony, I did not know that is something elaborate like this. If I had known I would have prepared better than this way. I lack words to express myself. I can only say that I am happy and elated”.

Speaking about the revolutions that have taken place in the freight forwarding subsector of the Nigerian economy in the recent time, Comrade Udeagha said days are gone when clearing agents are regarded as touts or dropouts.

“In the past, we were regarded as touts and dropouts and even illiterates and today the story has changed. We are no more seen in that way.  Among us today, you can seen graduates even Master degree holders and those that has distinguished themselves educationally. Yes, among us are Bsc. holders, Masters Degree holders and what have you”.

He promised to do better as a leader and never to disappoint his people.       

“On behalf of my people Airport Chapter of the ANLCA and the entire freight forwarders at the Airport command, I want to thank you and promise not to disappoint in duties as a leader. Thank you.”

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