Rev. Edmund Nwosu, Chairman, Ikorodu Chapter of NAGAFF, receiving his letter of appointment from the National President of the association, Chief Uche Increase during the inauguration of the chapter executive on Thursday in Apapa, Lagos while others watch . x

*** Sets To Commence Movement of Containers Through Barges

By Ambrose Okehi

The Ikorodu Chapter of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has commenced plans and strategies that will enable the group to float bonded terminal in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.The association is saying equally that they are trying to Commence Movement of Containers from Apapa port to Ikorodu terminal soonest.
The plan which on the way is being put together by just- inaugurated executives of Ikorodu Chapter of NAGAFF.
Speaking few hours after the inauguration by the National executives of NAGAFF, the Chairman, Rev. Edmound Nwosu Said that his group or team has slot of plans at hand for the NAGAFF Ikorodu chapter.
 According to Reverend Nwosu, by the special grace of God I and my Exco, we will deliver.
On what will be the focus of his team, the newly appointed chairman said: “We have much goals for NAGAFF Ikorodu chapter, for instance, NAGAFF is not popular in Ikorodu. We have mapped out how we can publicized NAGAFF in Ikorodu. And one of goals we have is to chapter barges in the name of NAGAFF, to move our containers from Apapa to Ikorodu. We have been discussing with APG now. Also, we have a goal of floating a bonded terminal in Ikorodu because we don’t have any bonded terminal in Ikorodu. So, we have goal. We want to work very hard to achieve them,” the chairman promised.
Speaking further on how to achieve the above goals, the ever ready chairman said he has able bodied executives that can help him achieve that. “By the special grace of God, I have good able and knowledgeable executive. We are working together. We have put things in order. And by the special grace of God we have a access to a small fund any time we are ready. And this people have promised to give us any time we are ready,” the chairman assured.
Throwing more light on the proposed NAGAFF bonded terminal in Ikorodu, the chapter chairman said: “We are planning to have our own bonded terminal at Ikorodu because for now the terminal there is small, it doesn’t have enough space. So that is why we want to have our own,” said.
The the government’ s plan to make Ikorodu a full terminal, Comrade Nwosu noted that the idea is a good on and it is because there is little space for containers there, that is why they are trying to float their own now.Attachments area,

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